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Sign on to this joint statement expressing the Ethereum community’s commitment to mitigate the historical emissions of Proof-of-Work.

Join the ETH 4 Climate Discord to join the conversation and help develop Ethereum’s climate-positive strategy.

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Tweet about the importance of compensating for Ethereum’s historical Proof-of-Work emisisons and encourage organizations you are a part of and others in your work to sign the statement and commit to mitigating their historical emissions.

Retire Carbon

Given the large scale of all available emissions estimates (on the order of 10s of millions of tonnes) it seems safe to say this will be a years-long endeavor - but we don’t want to wait years to get the ball rolling and allow our community to demonstrate our commitment.

As a starting point for Ethereum L1 users to offset their emissions on an individual address basis, there are two calculators that allow you to easily go from inputting your address to calculated emissions to retiring carbon credits:

For a full listing of available calculators, see this repository from BICOWG.

Using on-chain carbon credit retirement such as that linked to at the end of the flow will result in an immutable, shareable retirement record on the Polygon blockchain and attribute the benefit of your retirement to this initiative to offset Ethereum’s historical PoW emissions.